Foreign Trade - Carrying the Beauty of Nature to Every Corner of the World

Plants represent not only the beauty of nature but also the life's lifeline. As Seven Climates Landscape Architecture, we aim to bring this beauty everywhere through plant exports tailored to various climatic regions worldwide.

Plant Export: Quality and Trust

Whether it's a landscape project or an agricultural venture, sourcing plants of high quality and health, tailored to every need, holds vital importance. Yedi İklim delivers meticulously selected plants to your desired location using world-class packaging and transportation methods.

Solutions for Different Climates

Seven different climate zones mean seven different needs and challenges. As Seven Climate Landscape Architecture, we have the experience to identify suitable plant species for each region and cultivate them under the best conditions.

The Principle of Sustainability

The plants we export are obtained through sustainable cultivation methods. This represents both an environmentally friendly approach and enables the recipient to use the plants efficiently.

Collaboration with Global Partners

Yedi İklim collaborates with landscape architects, farmers, and governments worldwide. This comprehensive network enables us to provide the right plants in the right place at the right time.

Technology and Knowledge Accumulation

Modern technologies and accumulated knowledge are the cornerstones of our plant export process. Understanding the specific needs of each plant and creating a suitable transportation process for them is the key to our success.